Video in “Tik Tok” and show in the office; Disciplinary investigation for the President of Elbasani Court

31/05/2021 15:05

High Inspectorate of Justice has ordered the launch of a disciplinary investigation for the President of the Court of Elbasan, Enkeleda Kapedani, after making videos in the office premises and posting them on the social networks.

The order from the High Inspector of Justice, came after the media circulated videos where she was doing a ‘catwalk’ and other videos for social networks in the court premises. In one of her videos, Don John’s song “Mafia” is heard in the background, while she is filming herself in the courtroom.

In other videos she advertises expensive branded clothes and her Audi car, while there is also a moment when she drives fast and makes a wrong overtaking on the road.

The judge was appointed president of the Elbasan Court on September 30, 2020, following the resignation of Judge Zihni Shahu. She has released from prison Viktor Ymeri, who was considered by the police and the prosecution as one of the closest people to Gazmend Braka, (Gaxhai) sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.


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