Vetting and professional ability verifications for firefighting officers begin

15/04/2024 15:51

The 61 local fire service units throughout Albania will be reformed by checking the role of every inspector and other employee, if they have the proper preparation for their position.

Government officials said that this reform came as a need for standardization and significant improvement in this sector.

Also, a working group is working to complete the full by-law basis for recruitment, training, data management, as well as improving the transparency of inspections towards businesses.

Based on the cases of several fires in shopping centers or large businesses, the Ministry of the Interior has also issued an instruction that all facilities with a large presence of people should be inspected to see if they have taken measures against fire.

“There should be no hotel, cinema or crowded place without being inspected for these preventive measures. In the meantime, we are working together with the state police and the national emergency to establish a joint response team”, said Minister Taulant Balla.

Measures against fires are even more urgent in the summer season, as hundreds of fires were recorded from June to September. In the framework of a quiet tourist season and the prevention of fire situations not only in urban areas but also in forest areas, a greater commitment was requested.

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