US Ambassador meets leader of the opposition DP; Demands distancing from former Democratic president Berisha

30/07/2021 15:16

Ambassador Yuri Kim held today a meeting with the leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha.

Without mentioning names, Kim said that it would be a “historical irony” if the party would have to “eat grass” for the sake of only one MP of its, referring to former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, who has been declared non grata by the US State Department.

The ambassador described as difficult decisions those that need be taken, adding that it is the responsibility of the party leaders, to enter the Assembly accompanied by MPs who deserve the trust of Albanians.

Yuri Kim stated: “The role that the DP has is necessary, so it is best for the DP to return to parliament in September. We understand that the party and others have concerns about the April 25 elections but these are reflected in the ODIHR report and it will be important for this to be done in support of democracy in the country.

“As the DP returns to parliament, it is important for them to rise above its party interests. The leaders of the parties that enter the assembly must be accompanied by deputies who deserve their seat. The DP needs to think about this,” Kim added, referring again to the former Democratic president of the 1990s.

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