Unpaid police force overtime/ Authorities do not provide extra pay since January, 250 thousand lek owed to each police officer

27/10/2020 15:41

Police and special forces units say that for ten months they have not received the extra payments for overtime and out of town services during the November 26 earthquake, or the coronavirus quarantine period.

They complain that have not received the money owed for work outside the city or the jurisdiction of the directorates and departments they belong.

The head of the union of state police employees, Sadetin Fishta, says that on average, the state owes about 2.5 million old lek in unpaid overtime to each police officer.

“There are unpaid work services since January of this year for the special units, another part since March of this year for work performed in hundreds of services outside the district and who have legally the right to receive daily support money for the time they have worked. As we speak the state owes each police officer 250 thousand new lek, to pay them for the work they have done.”

In a letter from Top Channel, one unit of special forces in Tirana, has made a request for about 43 million new lek, in extra pay for the officers, for the services they have performed during the earthquake, as well as for 691 services in outside cities.

Sadetin Fishta warns that if the situation continues, a decision will be made by the union branches.

“There will be a general meeting of the trade union branches of the special forces, that if this situation continues, a decision will be made to refuse to go out of services outside the district, as long as the government does not make allowances.” , he said.

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