Two ballets performances come to the main Tirana stage, created by choreographer Angjelin Prelocaj

23/09/2021 20:20

“Annonciaton” and “La Stravaganza” are two ballets created by the famous choreographer Angelin Prelocaj, which will be performed on September 24 and 25, at the National Theater of Opera and Ballet.

Prelocaj, who will not be present himself, was one of the names invited by the theater for the subsequent inauguration performances.

“Annonciaton” is a world premiere shown for the first time in Albania. A totally untouched theme in the art of choreography, such as the strange coexistence of acceptance and rebellion, the clash of space and time, is said in its description.

While “La Stravaganza” reflects on the one hand on the East with its ancient culture, while juxtaposing it on the other hand with America.

“The story of the past which returns like a boomerang, people coming out of the mud bringing something new”, the show promoters write.

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