Turkish “Escobar” arrested in Tirana, wanted by France for €14 bln drug traffic

18/01/2020 17:41

A 53-year-old Turkish citizen was arrested today in Tirana, who years ago was considered the Escobar of Europe.

Wanted by the French justice, he was a member of the Bayesin family, led by Hussein Baybesin.

Faruk Baybesin was sentenced to 30 years in prison for trafficking heroin.

He was wanted by the Loire Atlantique Court, which found him guilty of being part of a criminal organization that was trafficking heroin in Europe.

The French judiciary has sent the extradition documents with urgency, while the Albanian authorities will detain him for 40 days.

During the years 1994 and 1995, Baybesin was considered a key figure in the criminal activity that his organization was conducting between France and Turkey.

He was caught while entering Albania in order to hide from authorities but was caught by the Albanian police.

He admitted being the son of another convicted trafficker, Mahmu Baybesin, who was also part of the criminal organization.



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