Trade issues between Kosovo and Albania

21/12/2011 20:15

Kosovo might establish reference prices to the Albanian goods, if Tirana
will not remove the reference tax for the Kosovo goods, as agreed on
June 2011.

This decision will be taken by the Kosovo Minister of Trade and Industry, Mimoza Kusari Lila. According to her, Albania has violated the agreement reached with Kosovo for removing the reference prices on Kosovo goods, such as potatoes, milk, wine, etc.

For this reason, Mrs. Kusari-Lila sent a letter to the Albanian Government, for removing some of the measures that are being applied at the Albanian Customs, otherwise the reference prices will be established.

The agreement for removing the reference prices was achieved on June 2011, after a meeting of the Ministries, but the Albanian Customs are still applying the 18 cent reference price for potatoes produced in Kosovo and also a quota for the wine.

“These two decisions from Albania, contradict the agreement reached with Prime Minister Berisha on June 2011, for unifying the fiscal procedures between Kosovo and Albania. If Albania will not remove the reference tax, we will return the reciprocity measure”, declared the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mimoza Kusari Lila.

Mrs. Kusari-Lila has also notified the Government of Kosovo, because. according to her, this is not a good news for the producers of potatoes in Kosovo, and the trade relations between the two countries would turn as they was before.

The Minister declared that this reciprocity measure will be undertaken for defending the Kosovo producers.

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