Top Talk/ DP’s Mesila Doda accuses PM Rama: Has sown death and bankruptcy with his pandemic management

02/04/2021 19:05

Mesila Doda, 12th MP candidate in Tirana for of the PD-Alliance for Change, was invited this afternoon on Top Channel’s Top Talk show, where she harshly criticized Prime Minister Edi Rama for managing the COVID pandemic.

She stressed that in the quarantine period, when most businesses were closed, the prime minister demanded payment of taxes from the owners, while adding that he provided vaccines during the election campaign but so far not even 1% of the population has been vaccinated.

“He is a prime minister who does not come out to show the balance of his work, but insults anyone who comes forward or opposes him,” said Doda.

Asked about the reconstruction from the November 2019earthquake, the vaccination and the justice reform, Doda answered: “In all three of these areas he is a great failure, although many times he tries to present them to the Albanians as ‘great victories’. His statements are criminal, as he says ‘without me there will be no vaccine’, he is threatening Albanians with life.

“’Either vote for me or you will find death’, I have never seen a more scandalous statement from a prime minister. The moment the Albanian opposition will start governing, you can be sure that there will be all stages in dealing with the pandemic, the vaccination, investments in health, health reform, functioning hospitals with the medicines needed.”

Further on Doda added: “I do not recognize any contribution from the Prime Minister for Covid-19 vaccines. Look at Serbia for example, we have not reached any 1% of the population, look at the conditions in the Skanderbeg Square vaccination centre. There is a disorganized organization. What I keep thinking is that in order to introduce the vaccine during the election campaign, he got the Chinese as well as the Russian vaccines, which should have been taken earlier, this work should have been done in time. But in terms of vaccines, we have an urgent need.”

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