Top Channel’s newsreader Genta Popa is vaccinated live in the news edition

02/04/2021 19:16

Vaccination of journalists against Covid-19 started today in Albania, as a category exposed to infection.

As part of the campaign, Top Channel journalist Genta Popa performed the live vaccination in the 15:00 news edition.

The studio was overwhelmed with emotions as Silva Bino, of the government’s committee of health experts, was also invited.

As journalist Popa conducted the injection, Bino said the vaccine is safe and can have only a few mild side effects that pass very quickly.

“Absolutely no serious effects. There is a statement of the committee of experts, who evaluate every aspect, even the mild ones and other effects after the vaccination. According to their statements all the events that took place have nothing to do with the vaccine. These vaccines are made to protect against Covid-19 and not other diseases. Unfortunately deaths occur all days and there can also be coincidences”, Bino commented.


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