Top Channel attack perpetrators’s car found burned, license plates result stolen a month ago

27/03/2023 20:48

The car suspected to have been used by the perpetrators who attacked the Top Channel TV building, leaving one security guard dead, was found burned a few hours after the incident on the Kavaja highway.

It is now known that the car and plates of the “Range Rover” vehicle were stolen and are now being examined at the Tirana police department.

There were two Kalashnikov guns inside the car, with which the as yet unidentified perpetrators fired the bullets towards the television building. The weapons have been sent to the scientific laboratory to be compared with police records of whether they were used in other criminal events.

The serious attack on Top Channel happened shortly after midnight on Sunday.

Around 01:00, the perpetrators fired a Kalashnikov from the car towards the building, killing the security guard, Pal Kola, 60 years old.

The serious event has been condemned by the highest institutions and politicians in our country, who demand clarification and accountability for the perpetrators as soon as possible.


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