Tirana; Demolition of illegal constructions resumes in”Astir” area / 20 buildings to be destroyed for the new Ring road project

20/10/2020 15:46

This morning, the National Inspectorate of Territory protection started the demolition of 20 buildings, which paves the way for the ‘Great Ring’ road project.

The facilities are 2-4 floors, with functions as houses or businesses. Officially, IKMT says that a part of the facilities have been expropriated according to the law in force, while another part has been excluded from this process.

Unlike the previous stages, the action continued calmly, with a modest presence of police uniforms.

The traffic police chose not to block the ‘Teodor Keko’ road, and the flow of cars continued normally in both directions. This is because the demolitions were carried out with heavy vehicles and not with controlled explosions.

In two previous actions of the National Inspectorate of Territorial Defense, about 45 residential and business buildings were collapsed, which was accompanied by protests and resistance from residents.

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