Tirana, 13 teachers and employees of the primary school “Emin Duraku” infected by coronavirus

19/10/2020 15:51

“Was the teacher at school today or was she sick with this flu?” some parents asked their children as they were leaving the “Emin Duraku” primary school.

“My teacher, yes, the English teacher was missing because she did the tampon test and we did not do English”, answers a student.

Teaching in the 9-year school Emin Duraku has not been interrupted, although 13 people, 10 teachers and 3 sanitary students have tested positive.

The Ministry of Education has assessed the situation by changing the teaching staff until the infected teachers recover.

Infections of teachers in educational institutions have forced their replacement by other teachers.

In an internal communication between the representatives of the parents on the school board together with the notification of the cases of teachers affected by Covid-19, it was emphasized that the school itself is responsible for non-compliance with safety protocols.

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