Three years after the 2019 earthquake, many families are still waiting for the promised reconstructions

26/11/2022 20:47

Three years after the earthquake with numerous victims in Durrës and its surroundings in central Albania, where the damaged buildings were, there is no memorial to honor the memory of the victims.

Today is a day of pain for Ajet Mece, the survivor who lost his wife, daughter and granddaughter on November 26, three years ago. Family members have placed flowers where the houses of the people who lost their lives once stood.

The empty spaces are a sad reminder and an invitation not to forget the consequences and not only natural causes of the tragedy.

The damage left by the earthquake is still visible and Durrës continues to suffer its consequences. Close to 8,000 damaged buildings, thousands of families without shelter and students without schools.

The Construction Institute recommended the demolition of over 1,000 buildings, including apartment blocks, schools, houses and service buildings. Some were deolished, others are in wait.

Buildings with levels of damage classified as DS1-DS3, have now been repaired, but the severely damaged ones are pending.

Nearly 2,900 families are still treated with rent bonuses from the municipality of Durres, but there are still families damaged by the earthquake who live in temporary containers.

The problems of reconstruction often appear at the doors of the municipality with protests by citizens who demand transparency and housing.

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