The Public Transport Association resumes work on Monday under tight health security protocol

04/07/2020 15:34

After the warning given by the mayor Veliaj for revocation of transport operators’ licenses, these latter agreed and will consequently resume the activity on Monday, for the bus lines that have not yet restarted.

Public transport to citizens will start normally, and an agreement has been reached on the security protocol, approved by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy.

Every user of public transport in the city/suburbs is obliged to use masks when traveling by bus, and it is advisable to maintain a safe distance.

At bus stops, passengers are required to wear masks while waiting for the bus, while public / city transport personnel (drivers, conducters, controllers) will be required to use masks.

Meanwhile, it was agreed between the Mayor Erion Veliaj and the Association of Public Transport Companies, that the vehicles be periodically disinfected by their staff.

Posters will be placed on each vehicle to observe the rules of hygiene in places visible to travelers.

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