The protocol used by doctors in Albania for the treatment of Covid-19

23/11/2020 15:51

The government has said that the medicines used in treating covid-19 patients at home are now free, when the covid-19 patient is monitored by a family doctor and not by a specialist doctor.

Medications recommended by the family doctor according to the official instructions, when the patient with covid-19 is in a mild stage.

Treatment for the mild stage according to the protocol;

Vitamin,Paracetamol 0.5g every 6 hours, or Tachipirine 1g twice daily

Herbal syrup if there is a mild cough, fruit juices

Supportive therapy;

Asorbic acid 500 mg 3 times from 1 to 7 Pyridoxine 3 times from 1 Thiamine 3 times by 1 for 7 days

In the moderate stage where the patient has a cough or mild breathing problems and when the temperature lasts for several days, then the use of antibiotics begins.

Treatment for the moderate stage according to the protocol

Antibiotics, azithromycin 500 mg, levofloxacin 500 mg anticoagulant Cortisone orally when there are problems with breathing and temperature after 6-7 days.

Vitamins, paracetamol

In cases where the patient with covid being treated at home has an oxygen level of less than 94%, then the patient is sent to Covid hospitals, through the emergency service 127.


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