The first Parliamentary session of 2012

16/01/2011 00:00

Today was held the first Parliamentary session for 2012, not without
debates between the opposition and the majority, for a series of issues.

The head of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Gramoz Ruci, declared that the 100th year of independence is finding Albania a country with an endangered democracy.

“We are in an economic crisis, with the corruption and the power abuse very evident. Unemployment is growing and poverty has increased. The 100th anniversary of independence finds our country in crisis”, Ruci declared.

He added that the integration agenda will focus on the contribution of the political class for the democratization of the institutions.

“We will work intensively for approving the qualified majority laws”, Ruci declared, who also mentioned the Presidential election by saying that the Constitutional spirit demands a Presidents that represents the unity of the people.

To this declaration answered the leader of the Democratic Party Parliamentary Group, Astrit Patozi, who said that the 100th anniversary of independence finds Albania with a series of achievements.

“The years that we left behind did not go in vain, just because Edi Rama was not in power. In these years we achieved the NATO membership and the visa free travel”, Patozi declared.

The head of the Democratic Party Parliamentary Group declared that the biggest honor for the 100th year of independence would be that each political party kept its own responsibilities.

“The Majority is determined to do whatever it has in its hands for achieving the EU candidate status, which would be an achievement for the November 28th”, Patozi declared, after addressing a series of accusations to the opposition.

“We will not forget that you spend the last two years on the streets. We are waiting to vote the electoral reform, which will be a solid base for the next elections”, he underlined.

The second person in charge of the Democratic Party also mentioned the Presidential election, by considering as premature and unnecessary the debate for this issue.

Patozi declared that it is very important for this process to respect the Constitution, a goal that was also defended by the Socialist Party.

He accused the SP and the current President for connections between each other, and added that the opposition is behaving as if the President belonged to them.

After these speeches, the Parliament approved the weekly schedule.

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