The cleaning of the territory is a national cause, PM Rama and Minister Kumbaro warn the mayors

20/11/2021 21:02

The Prime Minister Edi Rama and Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro held today a meeting with the mayors and prefects of the coastal areas focusing on cleaning the territory.

In her speech, Minister Kumbaro announced that next week two decisions will be adopted for the operation of beaches and cleaning of the territory. She added that a letter with the new rules for waste management will be sent to all municipalities on Monday.

PM Edi Rama, has described it as a “crossroads” the moment in which the country is in, stating that  not every municipal budget will be approved if they do not plan a fund for the management of urban waste.

“We will not approve the budget of any municipality at prefecture level if it does not allocate the cleaning fund”, said Rama, adding that the3 coastal cities who are overcrowded in the summer season, will be given extra help.

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