The Albanian village that is not abandoned; In Labinot Katund there are not only old people, the young people have also stayed

24/02/2024 21:11

It is rare these days to find village schools humming with children’s voices.

But the streets of the Labinot Katund village in central Albania are full of children, even though in recent years and decades only old people can be found in the villages.

The secondary school “11 Martyrs” in Labinot Katund has a total of 300 students. This is among the rare villages that immigration has not killed.

The hardworking people of Labinot have chosen to build the future in their country. The village has seen investments that have influenced the improvement of the standard of living and above all with the accessing of their agricultural products on the market.

Reports say that migrant residents in European countries are returning and investing in the village mainly in tourism, in a rare example of preserving the population of Albanian villages.

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