The accuses for Basha’s passport

26/04/2011 20:10

The Dutch notary that has signed the purchase document of an apartment
in Netherlands by the Democratic Party candidate for the Tirana
Municipality, Lulëzim Basha, sent a clarification letter emphasizing
that it has been a mistake created by them.

“Mister Basha, born on the twelfth of June 1974 in Tirana (Albania) was for the purpose of a deed of transfer, that was executed on the 21st December 2001, identified by me, Mr. Ritzo Jacob Holtman, civil law notary in the Netherlands by an Albanian Passport with number 0160138”, the notary writes.

“In this Albanian passport was present an American visa of the United States of America. An employee of our notary office made a copy of the page of the American visa (enclosed), and then mistakenly wrote down in the deed of transfer that it concerned an American Passport which was incorrect. The deed of transfer should state that Mr. Basha was identified by an Albanian Passport”, the notary declares.

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