Tax Office: “420.000 objects benefit amnesty”

06/09/2011 18:30

The Tax Office declared through a press release that there are in total
420.000 cases that will benefit from the fiscal amnesty that the Parliament passed a few months ago.

According to the General Tax Office, the total value that is being pardoned is 57.7 billion ALL.

The Tax Office says that up to now there have been pardoned 20.600 cases, with a total value of 11.4 billion ALL.

The major party of these cases involves very old obligations that have been automatically pardoned, without any further payment by the business.

Only 271 of the subjects that have applied have benefited the fiscal amnesty.

36 of these cases have paid 30% of the principal obligations for 2009, 83 cases have paid 50% of the principal and the remaining part has paid the contributions.

In total, the Tax Office has encased only 22.7 million ALL from this process.

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