Tafili: grazie

19/03/2011 15:25

Without giving any information about those who helped him escape from his house, while enjoying the leave on merit out of “Shën Kolli” prison, Admir Tafili confessed only about what happened on Friday and the plan he put on act to kill the Pjetrushi family members, with whom, as he explained, his family had a blood feud.

“I watched the Pjetrushi brothers for two days and had information about their movements. I ambushed them near the cemetery and waited, armed with an ‘AK-47’ gun in my ‘Fiat Punto’ car. Yes, I killed the two brothers, to revenge my dead father’s blood. I had all the information, even about where or when they used to have their coffee.” Tafili confessed.
Admir Tafili explained that he returned to Tirana after committing the crime, without giving any reason why, to help the police in finding the car he used for the ambush and on which he left the crime scene.
Following Tafili’s instructions, the police found the “Fiat Punto” car parked only meters away from the bar where they arrested the most wanted criminal, who was having his coffee in the “Ish Kinostudio” area of Tirana.
The most wanted criminal confessed that after the double murder, he threw the Ak-47 gun to the river and showed the police the exact place to find it. Even though his presence in Tirana, especially in a bar not far from the most known police department in the country, the “Renea Forces”, tells that he was preparing to turn himself to the police.
The official version of the police was that Tafili was arrested after a joint operation between Tirana Police Department and the “Renea Forces”, based on information given by a Shkodra police officer, who recognized Tafili driving on his way to the capital.
With no sign of regret and no effort to hide or deny the crime, it looks like this has been Tafili’s life mission, for the accomplishment of which he organized a prison escape.
Meanwhile, in the Grudë village, the Pjetrushi family is in mourning. The funeral of the two brothers has been postponed, waiting the Criminal Police ex-chief to return from USA, where he had been living after one assassination attempt failed to take his life.

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