Syndications give ultimatum

25/08/2011 19:55

After the clashes in Bulqize, ACR Company officially announced that a
group of miners entered the mine and started working. After this, the
Company appealed all employees to join this group and turn the mine to

The miners should contact the administration of the mine if they want to start working.

By presenting themselves to the administration, the miners will have all their rights recognized, as mentioned in the offer that was made public by ACR.

ACR Company appealed the miners to not fall prey to the threats of Kol Nikolla and some followers of him. ACR secures the miners that their protection is guaranteed.

On the same time, the syndication leader Kol Nikolla declared that the miners will return to the hunger strike if they will not receive an answer till Monday.

“The strike must continue as it is until Monday. If our demands will not be met until Monday, the strike will escalate through all democratic means”, Nikolla declared.

After the clashes that took place Thursday morning, the head of the syndication accused the police leaders.

“We accuse the Chief of the Police of exerting violence, together  with the Special Forces, who depend from him”, Nikolla declared.

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