Switching off analog TV signal, an EU obligation. Albania was criticized for delay

12/09/2018 18:22

Switching off the analog signal and moving on to the digital one is an obligatory process that has been applied in all European countries, including Albania.

Gentian Salaj, Director of the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA), said that based on the Geneva Agreement of 2006, the International Telecommunication Union (a UN branch) decided that all EU countries will be using digital technology and switch off the analog ones, which will be used for other purposes, such as 4G phone networks.

The agreement was ratified by the Parliament of Albania in 2007, and, in 2012, the government led by the Democratic Party, then a majority, drafted the National Digitalization Strategy, which specifies that after 2015, every Albanian TV Station would be airing on the digital network.

“We are three years late because the former AMA administration had not made consultations with the market operators”, Salaj declared.

Albania has received many critics from the EU for this delay. In 2016, AMA started a campaign for informing citizens. The DVB-T2 decoders are sold by at least nine operators. For the families in need, there are 88,000 decoders that will be distributed for free.

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