Swiss tourists fall during hike in mountains of Valbona, one of them loses his life

10/05/2022 21:28

A group of three Swiss tourists had an accident today while hiking between Thethi and Valbona in northern Albania, and as a result one of them lost his life falling from tens of meters into the abyss.

Earlier, local guide Zef Gjini said he was the first to arrive at the scene and found a dead man at the end of the abyss, while the two youngsters were in good health. The tourist who lost his life had tried to jump to the other side of the trail, but apparently slipped and fell into the abyss. There was also presence of snow in the area.

His two companions were reportedly traumatized by his death. The three tourists started today their walk from Thethi on foot towards Valbona. After arriving at the Valbona Pass, they encountered snow, so they chose to cross a trail that is only used locals’ horses in summer season.

After walking for several minutes into path, they slipped and fell into a precipice of about 30 meters.

Kukes Police said in a statement: “The services of the Tropoja Police Commissariat, after several hours of searching, have found the tourists, in a place called ‘Qafë Valbonë’.

“From the preliminary statements of one of the tourists, citizen M. S., 29 years old, it results that they were exploring the area of ​​Valbona, along with another tourist, citizen D. J., 30 years old, who was climbing a steep rock and slipped, consequently this citizen has lost his life. The services of the Tropoja Police have made it possible to retrieve the dead body of the citizen D. J. from the abyss. The investigative group is at the scene and is working to fully clarify the circumstances “, according to the police.


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