Strikers: They took our medicine

20/10/2010 00:00

On the 29th day of hunger strike, the former political prisoners
reported the illegal actions of some people who identified themselves as
police officers, and who entered the tent last night and took their
medicaments and other necessary instruments.

The Commissioner of the Ombudsman, Sotiraq Nushi, appealed the government to allow the necessary fluids to the strike, and asked the police to stay calm.

“They expressed their serious concern for some people who came by introducing themselves as police officers, but without identifying themselves. They removed the tea, the “Trisol” medicament, the coffee and sugar. I appeal the police to allow the fluids that are vital. The government must act for the problems that have been caused”, Nushi declared.

The Socialist Party reacted, with representative Keti Bazhdari declaring that Berisha is leading a regime similar to Enver Hoxha’s, and that these acts against the strikers were taken after the US State Department representative, Philip Reeker, asked for dialogue.

“Prime Minister Berisha is a doctor and he knows that removing the electrolytes and sugar to these men, means destroying their vital organs. However, he showed that he is a dictator and keeps behaving like such. I remember an expression that brought fear to me in that time “we dance on the wolf’s mouth|”. This is how Berisha goes against the embassies and the diplomatic body, pretending to be the leader of the rule of law”, Bazhdari declared.

The former political prisoner, Fatmir Lamaj, declared that this was a brutal intervention of the police, and it is the second time that it’s happening, once when the strikers met President Nishani and now that the US Deputy Assistant State Secretary Philip Reeker asked for dialogue. The strikers appealed PM Berisha to not try and stop the strike, but sit and dialogue with them.

“This means that every time that Berisha takes a positive signal, such as the case of Reeker, his tendency is to bring the strike to an end, but he will not achieve this. If he wants bodies, here we are, let he take us. If he wants to try and be reasonable, let’s sit and talk to us”, one striker declared.

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