SP’s Rama: Count the votes responsibly, Exit-Polls are like predictions before a sports match

26/04/2021 00:09

The leader of the ruling Socialists, Prime Minister Edi Rama, through a press conference thanked all participants in the voting process and called on the counters and observers to show responsibility in the vote count.

In relation to the published polls and exit polls Rama said that they are only predictions as the votes are in the boxes.

“For the first time in Albania, election exit polls are held, this is a distant experience. I want to thank all those who are committed to this new experience in Albania, but I want to tell you all, the Socialists in the first place, that the real votes are all inside the boxes”.

“Despite the fact that they give us governing power, the polls are just like pre-match predictions. Please everyone, focus on your task, we do not just want the result as a confirmation, but we want that just like this day was so beautiful and calm, so be the continuation of this process. The whole Albania must emerge victorious from this process, and not only the party that will govern the country”, said Prime Minister Rama.

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