Special prosecution body fails to substantiate charges against the 25 defendants of the notorious “Avdylaj” organized crime file

29/02/2020 18:43

Nearly two years after the wide-ranging ‘Volvo 4’ anti-crime operation, the special prosecution SPAK failed to individualize and substantiate the charges against each of the 25 defendants in the Avdylaj file.

The investigations were closed in January 2020 when a preliminary judge for organized crime and corruption, demanded that specific charges be filed for each of the detained, suspected of drug trafficking and money laundering.

Among the defendants for whom the SPAK body was unclear about concrete allegations or actions committed, were brothers Astrit and Altin Avdylaj.

Sources present at the hearing said that prosecutors had read a similar tale for everyone, starting from those involved in hashish traffic to Italy, to those accused of running a heroin lab in Has, but did not specify the activity of each .

Despite the investigative actions of Operation ‘Volvo 4’, the file was segmented and some of the defendants ended up in a common court, others escaped altogether legal responsibility, as now the prosecutors must prove with solid evidence the existence of the criminal network.

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