Special anti-corruption court seizes the apartment of former mayor of Lushnja, Fatos Tushe

13/04/2024 15:52

The Special Anti-Corruption Court at the request of the procurator has seized an apartment that former mayor of Lushnja, Fatos Tushe, owned in Lungomare, in the coast of Vlora.

Three days ago, Fatos Tushe appeared at the SPAK prosecutor’s office, regarding the concealment of an apartment that the latter owned in Vlora in southwestern Albania.

In the announcement published today (April 13th), it is reported that the apartment with an area of 75.3 m2 that Tushe owns in Vlora, has been placed under seizure.

It is learned that the apartment appeared under the name of a construction company, but in reality was owned by Tushes and the latter had not declared it in the property declaration form.

Earlier, the former mayor was found guilty during an investigation for abuse of office on tenders, and was sentenced to three years and four months in prison as well as the removal of the right to exercise public functions for 5 years.

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