SPAK Prosecutor’s Office investigates four charges against former minister Ahmetaj: money laundering, corruption, concealment of assets, abuse of office

21/03/2023 21:11

Former Minister of Finance Arben Ahmetaj is officially under investigation by the SPAK prosecution on 4 criminal offenses, since two proceedings have now been merged into one.

Regarding the issue of corruption with the Elbasan incinerator plant, Ahmetaj is accused of abuse of office. While on the report about his wealth, he is being investigated for “money laundering”, “corruption” and “concealment of wealth”.

The investigations for Ahmetaj started on September 19 of last year, but the complaint filed in court by his lawyers about the searches carried out in his and his partner’s apartments on March 8 resulted in the merging of 2 proceedings and his investigation for 4 criminal offenses.

Furthermore, the former minister Arben Ahmetaj in the complaint submitted in the appeal says that the search in one of the villas is unconstitutional since permission was not obtained from the National Assembly, given that he is a member of parliament and lives there.

In addition to the villa in Hamallaj, on March 8 the BKH investigative unit carried out checks on several properties of Ahmetaj in residences in Tirana and in Palase.

Meanwhile, SPAK has other evidence for former minister Ahmetaj that implicates him in the case of incinerators, such as plane tickets and accommodation in luxury hotels, which were paid for by the wanted Klodian Zoto. These evidences, although obvious, were ignored by prosecutors Ened Nakuçi and Klodian Braho, who were suspended from Ahmetaj’s case, which is currently being investigated by SPAK prosecution head Altin Dumani and prosecutor Enkeleda Minollai.

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