SP withdraws one appeal from Electoral College

27/05/2011 12:50

The battle for Tirana had another unexpected turn at the Electoral
College. The Socialist Party had appealed the decision taken by the Central Election Commission on May 18th, which made way for miscast
ballots recount.

For this, the CEC had approved the decision in principle only with the four votes of the majority CEC members from the Democratic Party. CEC Chairman argued that this was an interim decision. After assessing the miscast ballots, CEC took a final decision. Both these decisions were appealed from the Socialist Party at the Electoral College.

SP lawyers asked both cases to be joined in one, but the Electoral College rejected the request. The head of the session, Judge Sanshenka Jonuzi argued that the Electoral College had not cast lots yet, therefore they were unable to finalize second SP request.

In these conditions, SP lawyers demanded the case to be dismissed, and the Electoral College accepted.
SP appeal against CEC interim decision of May 18th was not taken into consideration. No date was assigned for the final session.

Besides appealing CEC decisions, the Socialist Party filed at CEC an appeal against the summary table of Municipal Unit 5 and another for the general summary table for the entire Tirana Municipality, which declared Lulzim Basha winner.

The legal battle for Tirana promises to be very long.

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