SP: New facts for manipulations

30/05/2011 16:05

Socialist Party continued to make transparency on the manipulation that,
according to SP, was done by the Central Election Commission for the
Tirana Municipality Results.

Deputy Blendi Klosi declared that these numbers “were cooked” by Berisha and Ristani in order to steal citizens’ vote for the Albanian capital. For Mr. Klosi, facts speak clearly. He reemphasized the main accusation of the Socialist Party for inconsistencies between the total number of ballots and voters, through a full analyze of each Municipal Unit.

“This entire inconsistency between ballots and voters number shows that CEC is adding votes for Lulzim Basha”, Klosi declared.

The same analyze was made by Socialist Party Organizational Secretary for all voting centers in 9 municipal units. Meanwhile, mr. Klosi supported a possible assistance from the Commission of Venice in such a matter that, according to him, was easily verifiable.

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