Socialist PM Rama harsh criticism of Vlora party branch: The city with the largest number of fictitious members

21/02/2024 21:23

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was today in a meeting with the political leaders of the districts and the assembly of the SP in Tirana.

Top Channel’s Muhamed Veliu said that he learned from sources within this meeting about which district Edi Rama criticized in order to change the support situation.

It is about the district of Vlora where he was elected as MP.

From the data analysis, Vlora SP branch results as the city with the highest number of inactive or fictitious members.

For this Rama asked the deputies of this district to roll up their sleeves and bring a real membership.

“This situation is alarming. It has to come to an end” – Edi Rama was quoted as saying, then finishing with the message “to bring young people closer to the party, especially those who come from migration abroad”.

Top Channel