Socialist MP opposes new national map of courts: The Ministry of Justice violated the law

01/07/2022 19:17

The chaotic situation caused by the boycott of the lawyers due to the changes in the map of the country’s courts and the reduction of a part of them by the government, has made voices grow even within the ranks of the majority.

Socialist MP Fatmir Xhafaj spoke with accusatory language towards the two institutions that have sketched the new judicial map.

Xhafaj: “Both the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Judicial Council are in serious violation of the law, and it has been two weeks now that there have been no trials”.

The debate on the new judicial map was transferred to the Assembly by the opposition, which insists on the accountability of the authors of the new judicial map.

The performance of the justice institutions was also scrutinized by the legislators, as the drafter of the constitutional amendments did not hide his dissatisfaction with the double standard of the prosecutors.

Xhafaj: “The number of criminal offenses in 2021 has decreased. The use of these instruments is much lower. Why? Because the prosecutors don’t want to do this and because they have other goals, even corrupt ones, and they say that the court won’t accept them”.

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