Shootout situation in Elbasan ends/ Police execute the 71-year-old after 5 hours of resistance

24/09/2020 18:31

71-year-old Lefter Zhidri was killed this afternoon by the police. The latter said that after 5 hours of resistance he did not obey the constant calls for surrender.

Initially, the man was shot by special RENEA police units, while according to reports, although wounded, Zhidri continued to shoot at the police forces.

During the operation, police used tear gas and explosive devices.

The event started around 13:20, in the neighborhood “11 Nëntori”, where after an argument with his wife Zhidri started firing a Kalashnikov gun.

Earlier in the incident two young men were injured, passers-by, now out of danger for life.

Banesa e 71-vjeçarit, kati i dytë

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