Session on election of the president fails due to the lack of consensus between SP and opposition PD

23/05/2022 21:16

The Parliament of Albania did not managed today to choose a name to vote for as the next president, after the breaking of the consensus between the ruling SP and the opposition DP, when the latter was given the right to propose for rounds two and three.

Most likely, the third round of May 30 will go without candidates, paving the way for the majority to elect the president with 71 votes in the fourth round in early June.

The Law Commission meeting this morning lasted only a few minutes and closed after concluding that there was no candidacy from the opposition for the name of the president and announced that the next meeting will be announced later on.

Although in the middle of the week the parties agreed to give the opposition the right to nominate the candidate , the agreement did not go well as the head of PD parliamentary group Enkelejd Alibeaj, accused the Socialists of ruining it.

The opposition led by Enkelejd Alibeaj withdrew from the candidacy proposal, while yesterday’s election of rival Sali Berisha at the head of the DP, brought other debates in parliament.

Then the debate diverted to mutual accusations of corruption between members of the opposition and the socialists in power.

“She is famous, she gives the tenders to Enkli, her brother in law, the water supply tenders were given to him by this 5 million lady. She transferred her husband from the water supply to the tenders of KESH and OST and there was the cousin again… so if there is a man and a woman who have made each other happy with public money are the couple Spiropali-Toto. I will bring out every affair you have, because on this platform it is my duty and that of the opposition. Your husband gives the tender to his brother, there is no greater theft than this”, said among other things Berisha, addressing Minister Spiropali.

Elisa Spiropali challenged Berisha for the accusations against her, asking him to sue her.

Spiropali: “I’m not afraid of you, I’m not going to be intimidated, listen carefully. I call on you, go to the SPAK prosecutor’s office and wherever you want, your story will turn out differently.”

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