Sequi: Democracy to be maturated

27/04/2011 13:20

Head of EU presence in Albania, Ettore Sequi, declared that Albania has
many important steps yet to take in order to fulfill all reforms.

Few days remain from the local elections, and Mr. Sequi emphasized the extraordinary need of free and honest elections.

“The membership has to do with the maturity of democracy, which for the Albanians means that they must trust their state’s capacity to protect them, guarantee them the property rights, the right conditions for prosperity and development, and to guarantee that their vote will count. EU membership means that the Albanians must enjoy their rights in their country, and then they will unite with the other citizens. This is why we insist for free and honest elections, for politic dialogue and consensus, for the rule of law and human rights. Visa lifting was a historical step, but we must not forget that the promise for democracy is much more than that”, Sequi declared.

These declarations were held during a survey on visa liberalization and its impact on the Schengen area movement. A study has shown that 47% of the people have traveled for tourism, 17% for family reasons and 12% for employment.

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