Sea erosion reduces beaches ion Vlora, interventions are proposed to protect the coast

01/03/2021 17:43

Erosion continues to damage large areas of beach land along with the several kilometers perennial pines lining of the beach in Vlora, from the area of ​​the Old Beach, to the vicinity of Tri Port.

This erosion causes the taking of land space from the sea and the reduction of beach spaces for the citizens.

Residents of this area and fishermen tell that the beach a few years ago was about 100 m wide, while today it is almost covered by sea water.

“I have been fishing for 50 years, there are many changes, pines have fallen. The sea has come forward and takes all the trees. There must be a protective barrier. “As soon as the sea gets rougher, water floods between the pines”, says the local resident.

According to environmental specialist Simo Ribaj, this situation is critical.

“The change during the years is obvious, the situation here is catastrophic. By adding trees we can recover the situation. Drafting projects for forest protection is needed, field arsoning must be stopped. Although there have been initiatives of associations for planting trees, those in charge, such as decision-makers or politicians, must react and take immediate measures as there will be no turning back and the damage will be unpredictable,” Ribaj said.

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