Saranda, tourists from 100 different countries. More than 2 mln tourists in six months

03/07/2019 22:48

Saranda has few long-staying tourists in this period of the year. Statistics show that 2.13 million citizens from around the world have entered our country for the last six months, or 11.3% more than in 2018. The number of foreign visitors is 817.009, 40% more than one year ago.

Cruise ships bring one-day tourists who visit the city, who those who chose Saranda and Ksamil for a longer holiday usually start coming in the second half of July.

Anija, from Serbia, who is visiting Saranda for the first time with a group of friends, says that prices and hospitality are really nice.

“The food was very familiar, very similar to ours, so we liked it. The beach is clean, there is a nice hospitality, and normal prices”, she said, adding that some summer bars with music would lighten up the vibe around the beach.

Lena, a holiday-maker from Norway, has been spending the last week in Saranda. She chose Southern Albania after it was recommended by some friends. She said she had positive expectancies when she traveled to Albania, and wasn’t disappointed.

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