Sali Berisha loses the appeal, remains “non grata” in Britain, according to the decision seen by Top Channel

17/06/2024 15:41

Sali Berisha will continue to not be able to enter Great Britain as the former Albanian president and former democratic prime minister lost his appeal to the “Special Commission of Immigration Appeals” in London, with the Ministry of the Interior “Home Office”.

Mr. Berisha’s lawyers tried without success to overturn the British file through which the “Home Office” declared him “non grata” on July 19, 2022.

According to the British, the former prime minister was given the measure as he was “involved in corruption, interfered in the affairs of justice and had connections with organized crime”.

Top Channel’s Muhamed Veliu, exclusively provided the decision read this Monday, where the judge of the case dismissed Mr. Berisha’s claim that he enjoyed immunity and could not be punished in this mannner.

“We find it inappropriate to apply the formula of immunity as a former head of state required in this appeal. For this reason and others dealt with in the closed session, Mr. Berisha’s objection to ban entry to Great Britain is overruled”, the British decision said among other things.

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