Russian Military men inspect Albania

27/09/2016 00:00

Russian military arrived to Albania for an inspection mission in our territory.

The General Headquarters of the Albanian Army announced that the Russian team arrived as part of a routine obligation that Albania has towards the “Vienna Document”. The application of the inspecting country is being treated by the Ministry of Defense and the General Army Headquarters.

The request has been sent at the OSCE, and Albania, as member of the Vienna Document organization, has the obligation to allow them.

Russia has requested to inspect an area of 12.000 square kilometers, almost the entire area accessible by roads, and 16.000 square kilometers in Croatia.

The inspection comes in a time when NATO and Kosovo are holding a joint military training, with 1700 troops, at the area of Biza, Martanesh.

The Russian Generals have held similar inspections in Poland, where NATO held the biggest military training.

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