Russian embassy staff requests the protection of the police after online threats in Albania

09/06/2023 15:47

For several weeks the State Police has increased security measures at the Russian Embassy in Tirana, following a request of the latter.

In a written statement, the embassy requests protection as they feel insecure after the successive threats they received on their Facebook account. The protection consists of guarding the headquarters, but also the staff of the embassy.

From the verifications carried out by the Russian diplomats themselves, which they submitted to the State Police, it turns out that the threats came from a person who lived in Peja of Kosovo, who expressly wrote to them “I will come and kill all of you who are in the embassy”. After this warning, the State Police increased the security measures at the embassy.

For several days, the police stayed outside the embassy, but later the security measures were eased and they now carry out frequent patrols in the area of Mjull-Bathore in the north of Tirana, where the new building of the Russian embassy is located. Regarding the movement of diplomats, the police are engaged whenever they receive a notification for assistance.

On the other hand, investigations have started on the person who sent the messages and the Kosovar counterpart agencies  have been notified.

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