Russia warns Albania after diplomat’s expulsion: Provocation, we won’t leave it unanswered

22/01/2021 15:25

Albanian authorities gave yesterday 72 hours to Russian diplomat Alexey Krivosheev to leave the country as undesirable after non-observance of anti-covid measures at the Russian embassy in Tirana.

Today Russian media have published the strong reaction of Moscow to thedrastic measure as Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko was cited saying:  “We are very sorry for this move, which is undoubtedly a provocation aimed at undermining Russian-Albanian relations. “It is clear that such a step will not go unanswered.”

Yesterday, the Russian embassy in Tirana saying that the arguments given by the Albanian side were unfounded.

“We consider unfounded all the accusations against the Russian diplomat mentioned in these documents. We also note that the disclosure in the press release of our employee’s name strongly contradicts established international diplomatic practice.”

This is the second time that Albania has expelled Russian diplomats in a short time. Earlier, the first secretary of the Russian embassy, ​​Alexey Nikolaevich Balashov, and the military attaché, Vladislav Filipov, were expelled from Albania. In the first intance, the Foreign Ministry did not announce the names and positions held by the diplomats. While in the second time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania made public the name of the Russian diplomat.

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