Road accidents increased in February, in 85% of cases the fault is with the drivers, experts say

20/03/2023 15:54

Returning from work on Sunday evening turned out to be the last for policeman Agron Saba, whose vehicle collided with another car and he died a few meters from home.

But this fatal accident followed dozens of others that have bloodied the roads this year.

Based on the statistics, Top Channel learns that during February there were 11 more accidents than a year ago, 88 in total, with more than half in the capital Tirana.

123 people were injured in these accidents. In most of these accidents, the responsibility has been the drivers who did not follow the rules of the traffic code by exceeding the speed limit or driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

But despite the fact that the speed has been seen as the cause of many accidents with the recent changes approved in the assembly in the road code it increased to 130 km/h on highways and main interurban roads. In 19% of cases, pedestrians were also to blame, according to experts.

Top Channel