Representatives of people with disabilities complain about being deprived of the right to vote

22/03/2023 21:11

Deprivation of the vote for Albanians with disabilities in the local elections in May, is the concern expressed in yesterday’s meeting of the Party of Persons with Disabilities with the secretary of the CEC.

“There are 170,000 of us in all of Albania, but only about 150,000 have the right to vote. We asked the CEC secretary that the voting centers be only on the first floor for people with disabilities. As for the blind, they should at least be allowed to vote with a companion. They say that additional budget is needed and the authorities do not approve it”, says the representative.

They feel unrepresented, so by creating a party dedicated to people with disabilities they hoped to participate in the May 14 local elections to reflect the needs of their community.

Although the party for people with disabilities has been accepted for registration, the second phase requires them to submit thousands of signatures of support by March 27 in order to be allowed to field candidates for the May 14 ballot.

“We are excluded because we do not have the opportunity to bring out quadriplegic people, persons in wheelchairs, to collect signatures”.

Unlike other electoral subjects, the party for persons with disabilities does not have the means and possibilities to campaign so they require help and awareness from the authorities.

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