RENEA Special Forces exchange fire and kill Greek extremist who terrorized village and attacked police

28/10/2018 20:54

Kostandinos Kaçifa, the 35-year-old man who fired against the police today in Bularat, was shot dead by the Albanian Special Forces.

Kacifa was known to the area as a Greek nationalist, but he lived in Greece. He had warned something on social networks.

The Mayor of Dropull, Arqile Decka, said that they were speechless that this could happen in their area: “The boy looked very normal the evening of one day ago. The next morning he went shooting against the Gjirokastra police and hid in the mountains. He fired against the Special Forces that surrounded him, and died during the fire exchange.”

At 10:00, when Bularat would organize the annual celebration for commemorating the Greek martyrs of the Italian war, he terrorized the village by firing his AK-47 rifle. Then he started shooting against the police officers who were approaching to neutralize him. His actions terrorized the village and put the officers’ lives in danger.

Thankfully, his bullets only hit a police vehicle and a building in the village. The horrified residents said that the 35-year-old had arrived in Bularat one day earlier and had decorated the entire village with Greek flags for the Sunday’s celebrations.

“He seemed as he had lost his mind. You couldn’t tell who he was shooting at. We heard the shots and we ran inside. It was horrible”, a woman says. “We knew him as a calm boy. I can’t believe that he did this”.

Another senior citizen says that the police should have captured him, without having to kill him. “They shouldn’t have killed our boy. He deserved to be brought to justice for what he did, but not to be killed. He didn’t kill any officer. Even if he had killed any officer, he deserved to be brought to justice, not to get killed”, he said.

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