Remains of two victims of communism found

28/05/2011 20:30

The remains of two people fusilladed without trial on May 20th 1984 were found at Kuç village, Shkoder district.

The victims are Tom Ndoja and Sokol Sokoli, known as organizers of the prison revolt in Qaf Bari.

The families of the victims and the association of Politically Persecuted had organized search expeditions for years.

Two years ago, the searches were conducted on the same place, but without success.

The search was successful only when the Interior Ministry, after many requests, gave the family a secret document which showed a map of the burial place.

The identification was easy, because near the body remains there was a bottle with the names of the victims. The family members expressed their relief for finding the remains of their relatives.

“This is an important event for us. We have been searching for 20 years, and God helped us to find them today”, Zef Ndoja said, brother of Tom.

“We found some documents and after many excavations, we were finally able to find them”, says Arben Gjoni, relative of Sokol Sokoli.

The two young men who participated at the Qaf Bari prison revolt were both 28 years old when they were fusilladed without a trial on revolt organization charges. The area might contain body remains of many other victims of the communist regime.

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