Released life sentenced convict, Judicial Council investigates Kruja judge Enkelejda Hoxha

02/06/2020 15:31

Disciplinary investigations are underway for the judge of the judicial district in Kruja, Ekelejda Hoxha.

Top Channel’s Anila Hoxha reports that the Kruja judge has been put under investigation by the High Judicial Council.

The body has forwarded the complaint filed by the Ministry of Justice to the High Inspectorate of Justice, registered on February 25 this year.

The Ministry of Justice as the complainant, has presented as a circumstance the violation of discipline for the conditional release of the convict Indrit Dokle.

Dokles’ release was made public by Top Channel journalist Anila Hoxha.

Kruja Judge, Enkeleda Hoxha, who has not yet been through the vetting process, released Indrit Doklen from prison, who was sentenced to life imprisonment as a member of the Durrës gang, accused of several murders, attempted murders and other crimes.

In the same way used by Judge Hoxha to release Dokle, in November 2017, she released Genc Tafili, involved in the murder of police Colonel Arben Zylyftari. Tafili had served 17 years in prison, of 25 of his sentence.

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