Reciprocal defamatory accusations Rama-Basha in the Assembly hall: Go calm down next room and check quality of the ‘flour’

28/10/2021 15:24

Today in the plenary session of the parliament, the Prime Minister Edi Rama and the leader of the opposition Lulzim Basha exchanged fierce and vulgar retorts with mutual accusations of corruption, theft of votes, and on the proposal of vetting in justice.

DP’s Lulzim Basha asked the Prime Minister Edi Rama to support the vetting in politics, while he promised that he is ready to be the first person to enter the filter.

“There is a battle here between 30 years of transition sludge and the top sludge which is you, but the top does not belong to just one party, it is us too, and that part of the sludge that you have enriched and exploited, and thrown it against the opposition”.

PM Rama asked Basha to give up the rhetoric of swearing and slander, as it would reduce credibility and lose supportr for the next elections.

“Do not come to give us moral and lectures and and take part in the sludge race. Not that it hurts me, but your party as well”, retorted Rama.

After the consecutive remarks with the leader of the Democratic Party in the rostrum of the Assembly PM Rama decided to leave the hall, a few moments before the leader of the Democrats took the floor again.

The chairman of the Democratic Party ironized Rama’s departure, saying that he should calm down in the next room and “check the quality of flour”, referring to the consumption of prohibited substances.

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