RBA: Our cause, not nationalist

06/09/2011 09:50

Red and Black Alliance activists are meeting with intellectuals from
Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia for discussing on the Albanian issues.

During his word, the activist Dritan Hila declared that the cause of the Red and Black Alliance for protecting Albanian interests is not nationalist.

“The EU integration doesn’t exclude loving your country. The cause of the R&BA is not nationalist. We have Slovenia as an example, which has never been accused as nationalist for protecting its strategic interests in the issue for the maritime borders with Croatia”, Hila declared.

The well known activist emphasized that the EU asks the respecting of the human rights, and Albania is on the right track in the perspective.

“For the EU, the only things I can mention are the rights of the Roma people, the respect for this minority. It  shows that Albania is progressing towards EU”, Hila declared.

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