RBA: “Government fulfilling Athens’ recommendation”

06/09/2011 10:00

The Red and Black Alliance met intellectuals from Albania, Kosovo and
Macedonia for discussing about the Albanian national issues and the EU

The head of the Alliance, Kreshnik Spahiu declared that for entering EU, they need to fulfill 12 recommendations, but the Albanian government has started the 13th recommendation, the one given by Greece for the population registration on ethnic bases.

“Albania’s integration must pass only through Brussels. Albania cannot leave without fulfilling the 12 recommendations only for fulfilling the caprices of Athens. We must not accept this integration process, because we cannot make compromise with such conditions”, Spahiu declared.

According to him, the national matter cannot be part of the trade, emphasizing that Albania is the only country that doesn’t know how many people live within their borders and how many in emigration.

“For the Albanians, USA and EU are more important than Athens. Today, more then ever, we must be clear of what will be negotiated and what not”, Spahiu declared, adding that Wikileaks revealed Athens’ real face.

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